Our action


Our actions are characterised by sustainability. Our planet's resources are finite. We only buy from companies that take responsibility and do not use environmentally harmful materials in production. We want to know where our furniture comes from and, when making new purchases, we look closely at how, where and by whom the furniture is produced. We know most of our producers personally.

Our Workshop

We are particularly proud of our in-house workshop! This is where we clean, carpenter, varnish, paint and weld. We want our furniture to last as long as possible. That's why we take care of it and repair it after every use. For cleaning, we consistently use environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning agents and solvent-free paints. Numerous cleaning steps are carried out exclusively with water.

Waste separation

Thanks to strict waste separation according to paper, cardboard, PET, plastic, used glass, wood, metal, batteries, etc., we produce very little residual waste. All materials are sensibly recycled.

How we save energy

The centrepiece of our company is our 3,000 m2 warehouse. We only heat it during very cold periods. And only by a few degrees. The entire hall lighting consists of energy-saving LED lights. We have drastically reduced paper consumption in our company. And all our electrical appliances are connected to power strips, which we switch off completely after work.
We supply our customers almost exclusively with materials from our own warehouse. This guarantees short transport routes. When delivering and collecting our rental furniture, we avoid empty journeys wherever possible. It is important to us that our vehicles are fully utilised and that several deliveries are combined in one trip. If it makes sense from an ecological point of view, we work with external logistics partners.

Our employees

Our team is mixed in age and international. We firmly believe that this diversity strengthens us and helps us to find innovative solutions. We treat each other with appreciation and respect. With us, performance is not only recognised, but also appreciated.
Thanks to flexible working time models, we enable our employees to reconcile work and family life. Open communication is important to us. Everyone can get involved, contribute and help shape the company and is supported according to their abilities.

Our business partners

We enter into long-term, trusting business relationships with customers, suppliers and partners. Both sides benefit from this. Fairness takes centre stage.